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What you need to know about Black Friday Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner and are shaping up to be the best time to build a new PC. Not only are we expecting plenty of Best Buy Black Friday graphics cards deals, but from other retailers too. And, if you can't wait to get those sweet, sweet frame rates, we'll help you find the best graphics card deals right now, too. This is the most formidable graphics card you can buy without jumping for a professional graphics solution.

The Graphics Card Buyers Guide 2019! 😁 (Best 4K, 1440p and 1080p!)

Just prepare yourself for that sky-high price. This mid-range GPU will get you in the door with ray tracing maxed out at p. And, while this card was more expensive at launch than the one it replaced, its fantastic p performance should be enough to make that price tag irrelevant. Outside of VR, it should also be able to handle all your favorite PC games at p and 4K without any issue.

With all those fancy read: expensive graphics cards cornering the market, the budget-friendlier ones sometimes fly under the radar. The Nvidia cards also feature hardware-accelerated ray tracing, which adds new visual effects to a handful of games and could become more essential in the future.

The best graphics cards 12222: all the top GPUs for gaming

Compared with older GPUs, you can expect performance on par with the Nvidia GTX - sometimes lower, sometimes higher, depending on the game - and about 15 per cent better than the outgoing RX Vega If you're willing to void your warranty and comfortable with advanced tools, you can even flash a matching RX XT BIOS onto this card to unlock some extra performance - a trick that has worked on AMD cards for several generations now. Of course, we don't condone this sort of behaviour as it could result in a bricked card, so attempt it at your own risk. To give you some perspective on its prowess, the RTX outperforms 's Titan X Maxwell - which was once the very best of the best in terms of graphics hardware.

The performance level on tap allows the to tackle higher resolutions p versus p or higher refresh rates like Hz. With DLSS in play, you could shoot for even more demanding resolutions and refresh rates.

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However, remember that high refresh rates and low resolutions shift more of the load to your processor, so ensure you've got a worthy CPU on board; we recommend a Core i7 K or better for optimal performance. Finally, against expectations the RTX can indeed power ray-traced visuals at p60 in games like Battlefield 5 - even though some graphical tweaks may be required. If you're not convinced by these new features though, the new GTX Ti might be worth checking out - it is only slightly slower than the RTX but much cheaper, thanks to its omission of newfangled RT and Tensor cores.

While the Radeon 7 is technically the fastest AMD card, it's no longer being produced and doesn't offer any semblance of value.

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The XT performs well at p and p, outperforming the RTX Super and RTX , and can even stretch to 4K gaming if you're willing to accept a few compromises in the settings menu. That allows for impressive power efficiency, although the XT card does draw significantly more than the vanilla model. Thankfully, a wide range of custom cards are available - something that never happened for the Radeon 7 - so you should be able to find a card that will fit your needs and provide a robust cooling solution.

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The card doesn't support hardware-accelerated ray tracing though, which may be a complete non-issue or a total deal-breaker depending on your views.. Nvidia's newly upgraded upper-mid-range card offers p performance in spades, while also packing in the new features that define the Turing generation: real-time ray tracing RT and deep learning super sampling DLSS. The significant frame-rate boosts provided by the latter could transform this card from a close GTX competitor to an absolute beast that outperforms the GTX Ti, although DLSS remains a relatively rare inclusion.

Finally, the also works well for new monitors capable of hitting Hz, although you're not likely to see these frame-rates outside of esports-focused titles even at p. It's important to remember that running many games at high refresh rates but low resolutions requires a strong processor, so a seventh, eighth or ninth generation Core i7 or third-generation Ryzen chip is just as important to high performance as the choice of video card.

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