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I'm not gonna do a London Sam but the last 2 Lenovo's I've had have had some difficult to shift malware. Malwarebytes reported an app called Sunshine as dodgy and once removed would cause ramdom crashes. Hopefully these handsets don't have anything shady! Is that the case for all these various brands of chinese imported devices? It would be a deal breaker for me if so. The Chinese Singles Day sale thing is well known now that on that Day in particular, two thing's happen There's no two ways about it Damn that's a long time.

You obviously just got really unlucky. All of which arrived within weeks, without any customs charges. Unless your order during the "singles day" sales event!!! Ordered my pocophone at the beginning of November it arrived at my local post office mid January. Not even a comment posted,not like the other week when a phone was 99p with no need to buy airtime. All the phones I've had from china direct end up with battery issues. I personally think a warranty is worth extra!

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Bit of a different buy though isn't it? Probably can't compare the two. One sourced in the UK with full warranty and next day delivery, or one sourced from China, with possible import fees, and zero warranty. I bet there are a lot of people who would have this over that because if the warranty situation. I wouldn't personally.

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Seems to be a standard RED tariff with roaming included. The VodafoneRoaming plan enables you to use your UK bundle of minutes, texts and data in 48 European destinations worldwide.

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Until you receive your first bill, you'll only receive pro rata inclusive minutes, text and data based on the date you were connected. Please call your network provider to find out more. It just can't compare with S series, its Samsung peer would be from A series, models or this year's A It'd be an upgrade over S7 only design-wise, 7. Of course this would be more viable into the future because S7's software support is already at the end of the road, but hardware-wise S7 still much better.

Released 2 years later, you'll be on Android Pie with it now and get Android 10 too. Got a S7 would this phone be an upgrade?

If it is which of the S range would it most likely compare too? I hope my answer satisfied you. Hi, anyone who ordered this please do let us know what you think. If only either were 5G I completely forgot, Vivo is also a brand from BBK electronics.

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As is the relatively new iQOO brand. I have a OnePlus 3T but I just cracked the screen. Phone in perfect working order. Should I replace it with the Moto E5 Plus or just replace the screen?

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  • I picked up the phone and sim today at the store. Phoned O2, asked for the bundle to be refunded and the credit transferred to my old O2 payg sim. All done, no questions asked. Make no mistake but, the phone is sluggish, painfully slow and has no usable memory at all. It is good as a spare to make a call or check your email, but thats all, I'm afraid. I completely forgot that I could do this! It is the gift that keeps on giving!

    So in another 6 months I can upgrade again! Just picked up my free o2 PAYG upgrade. Speaking to the guy in store, he said you can do this with o2 after 6 months of being on PAYG, so not sure if can get s similar deal in another 6 month, or if there is a certain amount of topup credit required. Huawei has built for itself a sharky reputation Great phones though. An amazing phone. I was surprised to read the description suggesting the Mate 20X; "Plus, it's shockproof and waterproof up to one metre. A media powerhouse. Ten hours screen time no problem at all, stick nova launcher on it for best results.

    Android 10 due soon to. I will let you know in due course, but that is what I have heard perhaps more so from Xiaomi own app purchase. The most critical thing we need to determine is whether this purchase comes with case and screen protector included Does this scam actually happen??? Why would they bother to ship the empty box , wouldn't they just not send anything?

    I don't believe there is a European version, but if you see that I'd guess it was just an global version.

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    I remember when this came out in the day! Crazy Just because the bottom would spring out and of course when you answer the phone you were zapped back from the matrix and you were met by Laurence Fishburne with sunglasses on that were far too small for his head! It was of course a bargain!

    Sounds like something I'd shout out if I got something caught in the zip of my trousers Both Ali Express and eGlobals warranties would be questionable though. Just to be aware. Mobile phones are an inescapable and essential part of modern life. This buyer's guide will introduce a few aspects of mobile phones and ways to finance your next phone purchase.

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    It's easy to spend too much on a handset, calls, texts and data, but it's also incredibly easy to save money. Let's find out how you can cut the cost of your next phone, by finding a package which meets your personal needs. The first modern mobile phone was created way back in when researchers at Motorola placed a call to their business rivals Bell Labs using a prototype handset.

    It took a decade or so for the technology to be rolled out, but by the s, 1G phones were a common sight in major business centres. The mass market for mobile phones really started to expand in the 90s, when SMS messaging was introduced and prepaid phones hit the market. Suddenly, mobiles became a key part of youth culture, with customised ring tones and games like Snake, and some iconic phone designs competing for attention.

    Everything changed when 3G broadband and the smartphone arrived in the early s.

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    Now, mobile phones could handle huge amounts of data and display high definition graphics via touchscreen interfaces. Devices like the iPhone emerged which brought together computer technology and telephony, pioneering a whole new way to communicate. By , p visuals were becoming standard, smartphones were being optimised for use with Virtual Reality systems, and fingerprint scanners were starting to seem old fashioned.

    With technology progressing quickly, every generation of phone brings new innovations. As you'll see when you scan the HotUKDeals mobile phone listings, phones come in a range of different price levels and variations. Here's a brief rundown of the varieties you'll encounter when you come to buy your next phone:. Basic mobile phones — All across the world, millions of people still use phones from manufacturers like Nokia which allow them to text and call, but very little else. Lacking the range of functions offered by smartphones, these phones are great for people who don't want to be distracted, and simply want connectivity and nothing else.

    They are always a cheaper option as well, and with their simple interfaces they tend to suit people who aren't familiar with touchscreens and apps. Smartphones — The most popular form of mobile phone these days, smartphones feature a touchscreen as the main interface and pack powerful processors underneath their compact exteriors. They are able to surf the web, stream videos, play games, run business apps, and — of course — send texts or WhatsApp messages and make calls.