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Indeed, to our knowledge, the original, unedited episode featuring the use of counterfeit coupons by the minor is still being aired in its original format. The CIC suggested that Discovery Communications take the following actions to help rectify the situation:. Deletion of the episode from all corporate websites and other forums with public access and a prohibition from re-airing the episode featuring the minor 2. Retention of an independent industry expert to insure the integrity of future episodes, with a commitment to following all laws and rules pertaining to couponing.

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To our knowledge, as of this date, neither Discovery Communications, TLC, nor Sharp Entertainment, have implemented any of our recommendations or taken any other actions to address the situation. Good grief! I stopped watching the show as soon as Jill let us know it was a lie. Thank you Jill.

Really awful that they even brought the kid back!!!

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If the stores keep agreeing to this nonsense they are no better in my mind than TLC and the shoppers. Nobody cares that Chris made all these free Tide counterfeits and used them on TV. I dont know what denomination he is in but I hope they expel him from seminary and dont allow him to be ordained, unless he goes public about the whole thing.

He lied, cheated, and stole. Oh, but for a good cause. I would NEVER want to attend a church, participate in a ministry, or support a mission where he was the leader — unless he owns his behavior, regardless of the legal consequences that the corrupt media conglomorate will likely oppress him with. What kind of a positive impact is it when you show a minor and a ministry student using obviously counterfeit coupons for free items, defrauding store owners — and have no comment?

When the ministry student is the winner of your tin plated golden shopping cart?

And you say nothing, and even feature the minor on another episode, and show him ripping toys out of a childs hand? You are encouraging fraud and theft. You are NOT showing real couponing.

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And the effect on real couponers is enormous. We are now treated like criminals, when we have been doing this honestly to feed our families for years. I have an idea…contact gawker. Yes this guy used coupons of Tide with a store logo on them at a different store. Probably what happened is that he bought them online from people in the state where they originated.

IT is not illegal to buy these coupons online. So some not so considerate person took the whole stack and decided to sell them online. I would say that the liable party here is the store that produced these coupons to really be store specific but used manufacture coupon coding so they are scanning at other stores. Target coupons for example will not scan anywhere else.

The processing center will of course say these coupons are counterfeit because they are not designed to be reimbursed by Tide manufacturer. The store produced these coupons not to get re-imbursed but to eat up the cost as a discount on a new washing machine. If the guy who used them knew they were store specific then he is guilty of coupon misuse.

But even so, in many cases stores accept competitor coupons so even that he can argue himself out of it. I really hate shows like extreme couponing that encourage people to clear shelves and hog all these products that will probably expire.

If you coupon normally and follow sales there is no reason to stockpile like crazy because sales repeat. Stores should also enforce sale limits so everyone can share in the savings. Show it again! TLC is knowingly allowing show participants to commit fraud. When does the dollar amount hit the limit that a governmental agency will shut them down. They obviously have no ethics and are not promoting anything beneficial to the American public. I e-mailed him about his partner using fake coupons and this is the response I got,.

The author of these articles is not the God of Couponing so what you read is rarely true. The same bloggers tore me to shreds following my episode. All of the accusations were ludicrous! You asked if I believe in ethical Couponing — absolutely I do!!! Expiration dates are getting shorter, stores are getting tougher on coupons than ever before. Just wondering your thoughts…Thanks. Have a great day.

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Now when my fellow Britons start praising the show I show them the links to your blog articles. Last month, it was revealed that coupons used on the show for toilet paper were fake. Again with the toilet paper! I think what irks me the most, is that its done in the name of God and helping others. I mean, for the love.

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